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TSA and the BIG AFRO Continued…

Headline News was on while I was in another room. I overheard the TSA and the big afro story follow up interview. The woman (Erykah Badu’s stylist) said that the airline company did not offer her the option to be searched privately. She gave some pretty incrimating testomy to the news organization. I was inclined to believe her.

So, did that change my views from my earlier blog where I felt that she should have allowed them to do the search.  Well as we know she did not. The media obliged her and told her story again for us. I don’t mind the shameless plug but I did take issue with not allowing them to just do their job. I know there are other celebs who may or may not be challenged by the officers. I know that she has a case teetering prejudices however I feel it falls short of any wrong doing.

We shouldn’t rush to call attention to ourselves or call the race card to attention. It desensitizes America’s perception of an old problem. When it is time to yell injustice you’ll know. It’ll be clear and no room for stretching the truth. We will just get it.


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Transportation Security Administration and the BIG AFRO

This woman was checked by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for her hair! I am a realist so I have asked myself ,”Can explosives be in your hair and not be detected by the metal detectors in an airport.” The simple answer is yes. So when this woman was asked for her hair to be searched because it was too big and could be concealing something I have to shake my head but let this one pass. Maybe a powder or some type of chemical agent could be in her hair. She had a lot of it, however, I simple shake could have solved the problem minus the media attention.

As I write this blog I think more in favor of the TSA because our safety is more important than individuality. I think I get the point of the CNN headliner but this one falls short of racism, prejudices or ones rights being violated. The airport was doing their job in my opinion and she should just allow them to do so. [Just had a thought] It was reported that she did Erykah Badu’s hair. She did come off as a little eccentric so maybe she was trying to get a little free publicity for her salon on the grand stage. If I owned a business I would love for a major news company advertise my services for greater America to see. In her case I think it was a shameless plug.


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Frosted Flakes, Cotton Ball, I Scream

What is this in my head? Now I enjoy Frosted Flakes, no other cereal is greater but when those frosted flakes manifest itself in my hair there is a problem. I have dandruff from a lack of washing. That’s my guess. So it only make sense to wash those flakes out of my head and put them back in Tony’s box.

So now I am on a mission. Operation: WTD (Wash That Dome),

Panty hose… check

scissor… check…

shampoo… check (Kinky Curly)

water…let it run I am on the way.

So with a stocking cap over my head, I let the agua H20 run over on my scalp, Ahhh, feels good. [I miss washing my hair frequently, So I take this moment seriously and let the rain run down to the roots and soak my stocking like a super soaker. It feels so good.]

After the ritual of washing ends and my emotional needs were met I looked in the mirror while dampening my towel to my hair and face only to see me anew. If I need a Q-Tip, I got it! If I need a cotton ball, I got it. I now have a fuzzy frizzled wiry weed-like texture like a flower bed in my head!

ARGHHHHHH!!!! [I scream]



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You Make Me Gush!

Ok blush…well the truth is you push me over the edge by saying you like those dreads. Well as much as I want to take you compliments and fly to the moon with them, I can’t. Ground that flight, delays are all over the itinerary board! I have comb coils no dreads locked just yet.

—lets go intellectual for a sec—

What if you were speaking truths and speaking on a plain that even I can’t see yet. You saw my future life as a man with beautiful locks.

—lets go greek/ sci-fi—

What if you saw my coils as tentacles and I were a villain …say Medusa’s husband! That would be cool. I would be stone cold!

—how about animation—

What if I were a super hero? And when my dreads came out when I was fighting criminals and receded after each battle…even cooler!

Well those are cool alternatives and could very well be me in the future, right now I am just a journeyman looking for locked treasures! Oh, thanks for the compliment though I appreciate it.


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She’s out of my life…

I wanted to give you all of me. I was going to be your star pupil. Your every man. Your do boy! That guy who allowed you to perfect your skills on him and move into another phase of life, a whole new career.

BUT, no instead of achieving the glory my willingness was going to provide for you, you decided to be a realist about your proven skills (at least proven in my book) that all roads should lead to a professional! I don’t want a professional! I want you! I want you to do my hair! I am like a kid who has to leave the nest and go to school with out you. I am that man who forgot to wear deodorant without you. I don’t want no one else but you! And yet reality settles in so nicely in your mind that I should seek professional help. Well fine! I will go to a real loctician who we will have to pay every time I see them for real!

(laughingly) I know it is best. Thanks for keeping it real.


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DMV picture day!

Well it is not how I would have planned it. You know my 1st professional picture with me and a locked style but as planning things go, nothing goes as planned.

So here I am in the longest waiting line in America. Walmart has nothing on Uncle Sam’s clubhouse. Six Flags lines can’t compare. Though I wish I could use their flash pass here. But here’s what I noticed. If you want to get out of here quick don’t be sensible about it and come as soon as you can. Procrastinate, run your errands (I did). I left for 45 minutes only to walk in to the counter to be seen. Why I am still here is another story. But yeah, take care of your business because there is one thing you can count on. Uncle Sam is not paying for any overtime to his employees! Not that his employees are dying to see you, so count on getting out of here quicker if you come close to closing but not after they stop letting people in.

Hey yo unc? Why do you abuse the do righters! The people who plan to get here early so that they may have a productive day? No one wants to waste a day at the DMV. After all, you don’t have funnel cakes, water rides or Mr. Freeze (the best ride at Six Flags) so do the early and late birds a favor. Speed up your lines, be efficient and lead by example. You are after all representing America and how the country is ran.

Whew! How did I get on that! Picture day (Stay focused)! I am ready! Now I am excited about a government picture, that’s when you know I am ready to go!


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Awkward Moment….

Last night I ran into one of the three locticians that I decided not to see any more. We were both weak on facial recognition but then like a ray of light shining on both of our faces we remembered how and why we knew each other. For me she was the sailor cursing, oh no uh uh, your wife must be white woman. I am assuming I was the MF got twist and did not even call me back so and so. At any rate, the air in the room was thin and we both we looking for a way out. So she said:

Loctician: Oh I see you got your hair done.

Natro: Yeah. [pause/ breathe] My wife did it.

Loctician: who?

Natro: My wife did it!

Loctician: [now walking closer to see my hair better] hmm. oh ok it looks good. Let me see the back! (the back was slower growing than the rest of my head) right, I figured that.

Natro: [I turned over my shoulder and looked at her as she walked off][Exhale, its over…the awkward lady is leaving, laugh for the camera. Fake it, smile its almost over]

As she left my view I laughed and thought that some people…


She is loctician #2 in 3 Strikes.


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