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Continued Conversation…

You how it goes, you see someone who you admire and you let it go. At least that is what I did when I saw a woman who had told me she had been growing her dreads for 18 years. So anyway, today I saw her again so I decided to take one step closer in getting to know her. I wanted a backdrop on her story, her journey. So I asked, “What made you decide to start growing dreadlocks before they became so popular?” She responded, ” God makes no mistakes.” She left me with ambiguous feelings towards her. Was there a deeper meaning behind the comment or was that simply the fullness of her thoughts. Either way I was stumped and mystified by her remark all at once. God makes no mistakes. [left in wonderment]



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Walking Underwater

For the last 3 days I have been deaf in one ear and barely able to hear in the other. It all started this past Sunday when I got a fresh retightening. I had really needed to wash my hair after this cycle between now and the last. It itched a lot. So when it was finally time to get my hair redone I wanted to take my time and wash my hair thoroughly. I probably shampooed my hair 5 or 6 times between rinsing. Here is where the problem originated. I got some water in ears, which normally is no big deal. However this time was different. The water would not drain out of my ear. I figured it was not a big deal and would be gone by the morning. I woke up completely deaf in one ear, with a headache, and partially deaf in the other. This went on for three days. It got annoying then worrisome then very concerning to me. I was wondering if I had a medical issue on my hands only for the third day to show signs of some relief. My ears popped. My deafness was going away, finally. My days of walking underwater were numbered! I was relieved no matter how impatient I sound. Though I will admit, I was getting good at reading lips and listening with the good ear.


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2 Year Loc Anniversary

On October 12, 2011 I was sitting in Veronica’s shop thinking about the decision I had made to start locking my hair. I wanted something different from my natural afro and before that something other than the bald helmet that I wore for many years. I wanted dreadlocks. I wanted something that was unique to my personality, something lively and bold. Veronica was my portal into the world. Every since then I embraced my dreadlocks and the lifestyle. I have loved them everyday. Wearing dreadlocks has made me more conscious of my differences from those without them. It has heightened my awareness what perception means. Also being in the dreadlock community has allowed me the perfect opportunity to look within myself and understand me better. It has been a journey of self awareness thus far. I am excited to see what other attributes arise from the strands of my locks.

Happy 2 year Anniversary!



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