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I hate this part.



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Showering & Caps…

Since the last time I got my hair done I realized that showering without a cap (shower cap) is BAD for the longevity my locks between sessions. The humidity in the shower over a period of time makes my dreads loose at the roots. I came to this realization because a YouTube video. The guy made a lot of sense. He basically talked about maintenance and the overall health of his locks. The one thing I got out of the 4 minute video was to use a shower cap. Everything else was all about maintaining his specific look. So I used the shower cap to good effect. My hair was noticeably healthier and more together for this session. I learned something…thanks YouTube dude.


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It Has Been a Good Week

This week I have worn my hair braided down. For the first time it was in this style at work. It really worked out well because even though I work in an air-conditioned environment it was gets hot. So having my hair pulled up off of my ears has been great because it helps me to stay cool.  On the other side a lot of customers and co-workers thought my new style was a good look for me. I will just say it is always good to get positive feedback, always. My circle of friends/ family have complimented my hair which adds to the overall feeling and confidence to continue to venture out and seek out things that compliment my style. I never thought I would say this but it has been a good hair week. lol.



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Side View Action

Being that I am a man who has never had long hair, seeing my locks from the peripheral view of my vision is pretty cool. I noticed it one day when I mistakenly thought my lock was a fly or an insect flying in my face. When I realized it was a lock of hair I did a shake test, then I did the dog-on-a-toy-shake then the its-a-party-throw-them-bows shake! Glad to see some growth and my commitment to this journey.



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