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10 Things I Noticed About Those Dreads in 2013…

Not in any specific order, so here we go.

  1. I recognized that many dreadlocked men who come around me on a daily basis tend to look urban. I don’t have a problem with the urban look other than it is not my look or personality. I am the professional type. So I really started pushing the professional shirt and tie style towards the end of the year. I will continue this trend in the new year. It’s a good look.
  2. I noticed I have a huge problem with things that are deemed feminine in my mind, like clamps and head bands. Clamps are used primarily to hold a neat dreadlock style longer. I understand its purpose. However 2 years in the game and I cannot get used to the putting clamps in my hair. So in 2014 I am going to look at using no clamps and just water for a span of time. We’ll see how this goes. Headbands are just out.
  3. The length of my hair is an unmanageable, meaning it falls round my face and that I don’t have an answer for how to control it. I enjoy my growth. It is one of my daily highs but I realize that in 2014 I am going to invest in some styles that help accentuate the masculinity that I embody. Styles to come, pics to follow.
  4. My hair is brown. In the beginning my hair was black, I swear! I am not into color for my dreads and honestly black is preferred, however I have been told repeated that my hair is not as black as I once believed.
  5. I drive with the window up mostly because I am not a fan of my locs blowing from the wind.
  6. I haven’t worn a hat in over two years.
  7. I stare at small kids with locs. You would think with me having dreadlocks that I would welcome all newcomers but I don’t. There is something there that I think I disagree with when it comes to kids under 10 who have locs. I am going to have to blog about it to really understand what this thing in me is all about.
  8. I aspire to be an educator with dreadlocks someday. We all have fantasies. So in one of mine I see my dreadlocks as representing wisdom with a very stoic look. As time goes on they will become laced with grey and have definition that corresponds with my character. The thought of the preceding line makes me smile.
  9. I recalled in my 2012 things I remember post that I said I was going to see V for 2013. I did not have one appointment, not one! Now it is easy for me to say I was busy and dealing with a lot of stuff. It is all true, but what is equally as true is that I need to see V. So here it is in 2014 I am coming to see you Veronica! I need a style! You chick is coming back to the nest! lol.
  10. I have said it once, and noticed it again! I am a very handsome man with locs!
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Long hair, I care!


The length of my hair is something I haven’t figured out how to manage. It fall all over my face in every which way. My issue is I don’t want to be continuously adjusting my hair. It feels feminine. I don’t want to shake my head to adjust my hair. It feels feminine. Lastly I don’t want to wear a headband. It misses my intent of looking professional, clean and neat. And yes, it feels feminine. So how am I going to manage this part of my growth, which I love? I am glad to have the length but not happy with how it plays out as I go through a day.


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