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Halloween Edition: Demonic Spirits

I was told to make sure that I am not picking up a demonic spirit by getting dreadlocks and to prayerfully ask God. So when I heard this I initially felt spooked. The weight of certain words used were really heavy and grab all of my attention for a time.

Obviously dreadlocks are more than just hair. If it were not then a reaction to my journey would not have called for the Calvary to protect me and my decision. I felt like a cliff was ahead of me and I had missed all the highway signs as I sped aggressively to an uncertain future. But more importantly I think such a request was rooted in fear of the unknown. I was embarking on a journey that was out of her grasp. Even so, that did not mean I should block her concerns out or simply not listen.

I said,” I would pray.” I understood that we should pray in all things we do. I learned that as a child. I also added,”As a black man I am looked and treated the same way, whether I am locked or not. We all are.” (I was sensing she was saying no one will hire you with hair that way.) So I had to say a factually true statement to relieve myself of any potential buy in to her argument. Besides I have a Job and not a word has been said.

On its merits her perspective was offered out of love mixed with fear and an old fashioned (obsolete) operating system. Times are different generationally from one to the next, so I understand the disparity she was having. That’s why I offered more of a guarantee on how I will handle myself during this journey. I said,”I will study, pray and seek a deeper meaning while I grow my locs.” That’s a fair trade in these circumstances. I bartered comforting her for learning all the social, historical and religious implications of my actions. I think it was a fair deal.


I decided not to work piece by piece on my truck. Time was an issue and the need for wanting it done right was another. So today I am driving a new-to-me used car. I love it. I have a slice of luxury to look at everyday now. Oh and yes I have the right kind of insurance this time. I can’t live that nightmare over again.

Special thanks to the Wifey for sticking with me through these challenging last two weeks. You are truly my ride-or-die chick.

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Headlines: Natro’ Meets Moon

Ok how could I have missed my coveted appointment time! I tried blaming the wife…no go. I tried (emphasizing (tried)) to make 1:30 my appointment time instead of 12:15 but my super professional loctician left the appointment log up and on her laptop to show me that she was on her game. So I had to accept that I did not make my appointment because of my own failed self! Lol. Ok easy Natro’ it was a mistake, an oversight on my part, don’t take it too far. This leads me to the staff at Nappy Hair Is Happy Hair who was more than ready to handle my mishap. Kenny M. is his name and doing hair (like Veronica) is his game. I never thought a man would do my hair in this journey and yet one has. He hooked it up. Look at the pictures below and see for yourself. Thanks bro, you took care of the business at a moments notice…’preciate that.

Oh, the itching is gone and I have tips on how to alleviate the outburst in the future. I could have scratched my hair out and started this journey over at one point. (Not seriously speaking) But man, whew it was bad.

I am feeling good about my locs. I think the retwist are great. And I found that I have some length as well, yep yep! My hair is growing and so all is good in my camp. I am just looking for some buds!


Quick note on my truck situation. I am not going to get it repaired, I am not going to waste the money. I have decided to get something new, better. So I am going to work through the situation this weekend and pick up the car on Monday.I thank God for looking over me as he has.


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Note to self: Always Take the Trash Out!

Today while at work I was moving a box off of a top shelf. As I tilted the box towards me all sorts of trash and debris slid off the box and onto my hair. Now normally I don’t care about my hair. Before this journey it was just hair. But since this journey it has been a valued part of me. So when the trash fell on my baby locs I naturally became concerned because perception is everything. I don’t want to be one of those loc wearers who don’t maintain them. I want a neat, professional and stylish look. Not only are my locs a little frizzy, but they have trash particles in them.Veronica don’t take this personal, but I need you to take my trash out!


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Itching For a Scratch!

I got that itch! Lately my head (scalp) has been itching to the point where I have been day dreaming about the days when I just scratched my head. I could scratch to the white meat and be ok at this point! One guy said that just means your hair is growing. I am thankful he gave me a reason for the problem but how about a remedy! I notice it more when I am idle, say sitting in a classroom or meeting. Now, to anyone, for a hefty reward of THANKS tell me how to manage the itching in these early stages?

Last night I was watching some budding (loc) vids. One woman had a bud party! She was so happy to see buds in her hair! So of course I am following suit! I am looking for some buds like Rudy Huxtable! Lol. Thinking about Lil Wayne’s track ..



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Time For a Loc Run

Even though my appointment is scheduled on Thursday I am wishing my appointment was set for Monday.  My locs to be are beginning to become frizzy. Pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the twilight zone. For the most part the twist are holding their form so I am cool with that. I have one issue though … my scalp is itching! I want to scratch it so bad! But instead of scratching I find myself poking my head and patting my do rag! Crazy, ’cause the last person that I saw patting their head was a woman with weave in her hair. She was tagging her head! I laughed. But now that I am in a similar predicament and it ain’t funny!

I have made some progress on deciding on which way I am going to go with my truck. I am leaning towards repairing it. It seems like the logical choice. Now I am trying to decide who will fix my truck to include me as a possible solution. lol…me? We’ll see.



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Dale Earnhardt’s Evil Twin

My locks will embody my challenges, successes and failures. How do they connect? When I am challenged as I am now growing my hair up to this point has giving me answers to one of my most pressing and newest problem. Growing my afro has put patience at my disposal, in my hand of cards. It is primed and easy for me to use.

Last night my truck was rammed head by a sports utility vehicle (SUV). It was a Ford Expedition as best I can tell. I can’t explain it. All I know is that I can’t will life not to let it happen or things like this to happen to me because in that regard I am not special. Even so, that does not mean the stress of the moment missed me. It has hit me head on (no pun intended). When I walked out and the driver was pulling out of my grill I noticed he was getting ready to run! He did just that, he smashed into my parked truck and left the scene. I couldn’t find him, oh I wished I could. I raced through my neighborhood until I ran up on a sheriff. I knew then that the Dale Earnhardt of my coerced reality had gotten away.

The reality of it all settled in awkwardly. The debris from our vehicles was like trash in a land field in front of my house. My insurance would not cover the incident. And the repairs would cost what it would cost to buy a used car. This is a situation like no other. I want what I can’t have. I want this situation to go away. I want to have caught the assailant. I want my insurance to have more teeth. But because all I can ask for is only what I can have and that’s patience to give my mind the mental space to accept my reality. I will have to fix my truck outright.

My journey taught me (reminded me) to be patient. If I am patient I can find a solution. I can plan. There is nothing I could do when my hair was growing to a lockable length but to let it grow. There is nothing I can do about my truck but think it through and give myself time to come up with a solution. Having patience does make the anger go away but it give me a pathway and a way out of my challenges. I can appreciate the wisdom that comes from this journey. It gives me hope for a better day.



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Nappy Hair Is Happy Hair


 It’s official! My journey starts today, October 12, 2011 at 3:30pm. My comb coils were set in place by Veronica at Nappy Hair Is Good Hair on 3540 Summer Ave Memphis, TN 38122. Our rapport was great! We laughed as I asked beginner type questions like, “Can you give me about a 125 locs? Veronica responded,” Who gon’ count ’em?” I knew then that I was brand new to this! All while Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain played in the background. The irony was even funnier to me somehow. I digress, If you want a loctician who cares Veronica is it. She answered any question that I could think of and gave her expertise on all things hair effortlessly and at the drop of a dime. I enjoyed my appointment.


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