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Freshness Check 12/29/12


My hair is about 20 minutes old here. I was raised and cultivated in V’s salon at Nappy Hair Is Happy Hair on Summer Ave. Those hands are golden. When I left I transitioned into the loving hands of my wife, Angela. She has grown with me in this journey and has maintained my locks ever since. She’s pretty good. When I say good it’s two fold. She has great hands and very patient with me. That makes her an awesome stylist. So thanks V. You changed the way I have viewed myself. And kudos to you Angie for carrying the torch, you haven’t missed a step! Natrodisiac


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Only Let a Natural Woman Tighten Your Locks Unless….

She feeds you. My wife is on a natural journey though she is permed*. I know, I hear ya. You think I am stretching the truth a bit. In part I am because I don’t know the struggles of a woman and their hair situation. For guys, the height of our struggle comes between barber visits or whether we can get to a bathroom with a mirror and a shaver. We’ll cut/ trim our natural hair ourselves if need be. Women on the other had seem to have a whole other dynamic going on. To be or not to be permed? That is the question? So when my wife does my hair I know she is a Natural at heart, in spite if her ambiguity! I know she understands the fundamentals of my hair texture and can relate to my natural hair care needs. So never let a car salesman sell you a vacuum cleaner in pursuit of happiness unless that car salesman happens to be a pretty good maid in his prior life!


*she was natural for a year and a half before a busy schedule forced her into an undesirable lifestyle! Or so I am told.

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