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Someone else can be Afrodisiac

When I look in the mirror I get an assortment of looks each time. Sometimes I am feeling the afro look. I say, ” That look is a good look.” It makes me smile that there are changes happening to me everyday that were different from the day before. But then in the same breath and same mirror I can look at my hair and feel so distant from it. One thing for sure is that I am definitely not stable these days when it comes to accepting my evolution one way or the other. Even so, I haven’t deviated from the path. My journey is to be locked and to embrace the fullness of me. It is just along the way the roughness of the road is getting to me.


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Natrodisiac’s Report Card

As with all things there are test that determine what something is worth. My journey and just my fickleness should be tested so lets get to it.

Desire to be dreaded: A

Hair regimen: B+ ( I would’ve giving myself an ‘A’ but I know someone who is OCD, so my grade is good! lol)

Product Reseach: C+ (I don’t go a long way with trying different products in my afro phase)

Historic Research: C (It’s really all about me and where I am at mentally)

Growth of Hair: A ( I have one trouble spot, maybe) The speed of my hair growth seems to be on track.

My hair is nice and nappy and natural. I love it.





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Welp. I have never cared about another man’s grade of hair. Honestly I haven’t. But ever since I have been on this journey I have become more and more aware of my hair and my hair issues. I spoke with my loctician to be on yesterday and she didn’t seem alarmed about the thinning on my crown because of the overall performance of the growth of my hair. Admittedly I can see it filling in, just at a much slower rate than I care for. So in truth I am only mildly alarmed at this particular spot in my head. I was calming down until today when I saw a brother with a head full of mature locks and a bald spot on his crown! I mean come on! Did I have to see that. Did he have to happen to walk in front of me so that I could get a uninterupted stare at his locks. Assuming the answer is yes because I got all that I could stand for that moment. I just looked away and started in on myself. Thinking about my bird’s nest, landing zone or George Jefferson styled do was getting to be a little overwhelming after seeing my fear in 3D. So I am going to have to purge my thoughts of what I witnessed and put my fears to rest or else I am going to go crazy!


Like I said my loctician said that it was just a slow spot.

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Caterpillar Butterfly

her bilingual tongue spoke anew
non singular inflection of
coupled words
that drifted down the canals
with an enrapturement of
imploding to the celebration
of love’s reinvention of us

this is a verse from Caterpillar Butterfly by Terrence Wicks

When I wrote this piece Naturaldisiac was coming into the world of poetry. A world that I introduced her to as she took the poetry scene by storm with her honest and spirited pieces. I thought of her because in our journey we have often found common ground on the things we undertake. Saturday on 6/4/11 Naturaldisiac cut out 95% of her perm and let the braids go! In my journey I have groomed my hair to be prepped for locs but in order to get there I have to rock an afro! Here is where our journeys are come together. Now she is sporting a beautiful and attractive low hair cut and I am wearing a baby ‘fro. I think it is always cool when we can share a moment in time and in this case a moment in transition. We will both be in different places 3 months, 6 months even a year from now  with the direction of our hair growth, so it is nice to relish a special and rare moment in time like this.



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Secretly I wish…

Secretly I wish there were more dreadlock brothers out there like me or what I aspire to be. I am not a thug.Though there are more thuggish men wearing locks in the circles that I travel. I am not hardcore in the sense that I came up hustling on the streets. I had a typical life by the standards of how children are raised today. I grew up in a single parented home by an educated mother. My father was in and out of my life for the majority of my youth; even so, I was able to piece together a decent lifestyle when I grew older. All that to say I would like to see more people like myself. I think I am a well to do middle classed guy who can hold a job. After all, I have done just that since I was 15 years old. I am open to more than just the stereotypical things that a black man is expected to like. For instance, I like all music (except country, bluegrass and the like),I enjoy kayaking and photography. It humors me that that makes me different. But I didn’t make the rules or write the book. I just want to see those guys walking around sporting their locks. It would do my internal eyes some good. If I don’t see those brothers I am still committed to my journey, I just would like to talk to and meet more dreadlocked or soon to be dreadlocked guys like me.


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Ok so what, I bought one more thing!

I am not a product junkie! I refuse to accept the label. I will not be labelled. I need this stuff! I need it badly and if I don’t get it I will start itching. (lol) I am in the early stages of this odyssey and I can’t resist the urge to try something that may benefit my efforts. The funny thing is I don’t know where the cut off is. I believe when you trying something new you can’t limit yourself to what perception does. You have to challenge the limits where they lie to see how far you can go with what works. Besides, I am using everything I buy at this point. Nothing I buy is collecting dust, which in my opinion would make me suspect! I bought the biotin, so what!


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I am not a product junkie! So there is an explaination for the products I use:

Olive Oil Aloe Shampoo

Olive Oil Conditioner

African Royale Take Six (alternate)

Olive Oil Hair dresser (alternate)

Olive Oil (cooking oil) – It’s in the book!

Castor Oil (laxative) I know this don’t look good, but it is also in the book! lol! They say it’s a stimulant.

I want to add just one more product to the ones I use..biotin. What number exceeds the treshold! I don’t want to be a product junkie but I feel there are somethings you need to get ths hair growing party started! So would seven products make me a junkie?

Reader: Yes

Natrodisiac: But, its just one additional product!

Reader: Do you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

Natrodisiac: I ain’t no junkie!

Reader: I’m just saying…

Natrodisiac: Whatever…I need it!

I haven’t bought the biotin, yet. I am resisting the label of being called a product junkie! We’ll see.


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