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Looking For My Bretheren

     These days wearing dreadlocks feels kind of exclusive to me. By that I mean I have talked to several guys and women who wear the style. They all seem like pretty cool people and we always have laughs about one thing or another (usually not about locs). So I love the rapport that I have built with some people.
     That leads me to why I am writing this admission. Of all the people I come in contact with and casual friends that I have made I have yet to run across someone who wears a shirt and a tie with complimentary dreadlocks like me. Why is that? Is there some hidden sign out there that says, ” Clean cut guys only, no dreadlocks allowed.” Where are the shirt and tie men who decided that a loc style has very little bearings on the assets they manage?
     I have noticed myself to be a maverick. I am the type of man who does what he wants and yet in the same breath I recognize patterns and shifts in everyday life. Men who wear ties and dreads are not visible from view. There are no comparable guys to myself at this point to bounce off of. To hear their perspective would be great on any issue, at this point a conversation on any level would be great. So it feels like I will have to settle for being the elephant in the room because I love where I am. I just wonder why I don’t a compadre, un amigo este en viaje me gusta, sorry I went off the deep end…I just wonder why I don’t have a friend on this journey like me. Lol!


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