Continued Conversation…

25 Oct

You how it goes, you see someone who you admire and you let it go. At least that is what I did when I saw a woman who had told me she had been growing her dreads for 18 years. So anyway, today I saw her again so I decided to take one step closer in getting to know her. I wanted a backdrop on her story, her journey. So I asked, “What made you decide to start growing dreadlocks before they became so popular?” She responded, ” God makes no mistakes.” She left me with ambiguous feelings towards her. Was there a deeper meaning behind the comment or was that simply the fullness of her thoughts. Either way I was stumped and mystified by her remark all at once. God makes no mistakes. [left in wonderment]



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2 responses to “Continued Conversation…

  1. Lovable Treasures

    October 25, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Natrodisiac, I completely understand how you felt by wanting to get to know this person I always feel that way, but at the same time I can understand her response too.

    I have been growing my locs for over ten years and over the years have had numerous people approach me with the very same question. I will admit the first time I heard the question I was baffled and taken of guard because I couldn’t understand why someone who doesn’t know my name would want to know such a specific detail of my life. Also I didn’t really have an answer or I did but at the time I might have been thinking/troubleshooting some important part of my life and for me the answer was stored in what seemed like light years away. But the next time I was asked I was prepared because I thought about the question and answered, “because it called to me and spoke to my spirit”. Well the response to my answer was something like, “so you don’t know why you locked your hair…your a fashion dread” and the woman walked away. After she left I felt confused, that she would ask and then put me down because she didn’t approve of my answer. I felt like she entered my sacred space and violated me. It then made me angry and more defensive, and protective. Over the years after that incident people have asked me several questions about my locks and my children’s locks, especially because they became really long but I never answered them unless I was comfortable with the person and knew them in some way. Yet there still are people who get disappointed when I tell them I am not Rasta, Jamaican, Vegan, Vegetarian, that I do wash my hair and locs are not a easy hair style to maintain etc…

    I will add that this woman you spoke to has probably had people ask her various questions about hair too many times to count and that was her blanket answer to you. Not because of you personally, but because of how others have reacted to her in the past.

    • Natrodisiac

      October 26, 2013 at 4:09 pm

      I never look at it from a private and personally perspective. Though I can totally understand how opening up about a personal matter can be a bit invasive. I guess my curiosity was led by my admiration of the length of her locks. She was a matriarch, if you will allow me to stretch the truth, in the lock community. I simply wanted to draw from her journey. I was as innocent as I was naive.


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