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The significance of this youtuber is kind of two fold. She was a fun (funny) chick with dreads. She was and still is filled with creative energy that I picked up on almost instantly.Her dreads were long and pretty. They had a very ethnic look and feel to me. So before I had one dread to share with humanity she had a head full of them. She was one of the people I watched constantly, especially if I wanted a quick laugh! But there is more. She cut them! The one link that I had to her was severed because she had to make a life over self decision and go to the military. Personally that pissed me off because you have to have a low hair cut as a military standard and more importantly to don a gas mask. Without a good seal you would inhale the fumes and could die. So on a life over self level I understand that. However, I never thought she would go in such a none creative route and personally I thought I would get to watch her grow from a third person perspective and be a leader amongst those with dreads! lol… i know I am pushing it but it was my internal opinion of who she was to me. She was a brand of humor that i just laughed at repeatedly.

    But a more serious question arose from her abrupt departure from the dread head community. What if I get that call? What if a job wants me but without dreads? It’s a lot easier to deny me at the interview as opposed to while I am currently employed with you. But what if? Would I cut what little I have amassed in several months? or five years? Is it just hair? Or is it like an arm to me? Those are serious questions when you press that against your family obligations that should come with automatic predictable answers. I know what I would do and I know what I would not do. That being said, if your job is not a life or death occupation you should not be required to cut your hair. From a societal stand point we should be free to express ourselves for as long as we are professional.

You will be missed applesandmustard, your dreads and how you carried them. They were as free as your spirit. Best wishes on your new career. Hope it last, lol. Keep the vids going.



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