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Like a slow moving training

My hair is growing. It is! It is moving like a slow-moving¬†train though. Some of my hair follicles are pulling ahead while leaving other ones seemingly at bay. I could use a shape up, in fact I would love one. But because I don’t want lose¬†any length in any way I am staying the course. This is the ugly phase in the natural. I am kind of raw these days. uncut like a diamond, raw like organic bar of soap without the coloring or scents. I am ok with it, I suppose. I am transitioning. I am slowly changing and reprogramming my look in people’s mind and mine as well. No one ever said accepting the new you would be easy or even welcomed! It’s like really like a slow train moving where there is little movement to get excited about, in fact we tend to get impatient waiting, but we know there is movement nonetheless. That’s how I see my hair. It’s growing everyday, in small ways. I am comforted by older pics that show me where I was even a week ago. It reminds me that the train is still moving.


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