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It’s Time to Step Out

It seems like it is the norm for corporations to restructure their companies to stay viable. The company I work for is no exception to the rule. In a sense I am being cooked in the squat. That is an old-fashioned term that means to be put under tremendous circumstances and expected to thrive. I was under the assumption that I would be getting an interview, a guaranteed interview. What took place versus reality is that no such thing happened. So that means it is time to go. From a dreadlocked perspective it is time to be looked at honestly by the world at large as a potential employee. I am not afraid of who I am but I will admit I haven’t tested the (who I am) concept in the job market. But with the audacity of a company’s mindset to reconfigure my salary leaves me no greater option than to leave. So looking forward seems to bring me to another journey.

Next Journey: Find a career that makes me happy and not just pays the bills.


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