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What do you think?


Possibly. As my hair grows, this could be a style I might consider.



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Clean Dreads…


These days I wash my own hair. Its a progressive step seeming that I know how I like my scalped scrubbed and how hard I like to do it. I like a lot of suds so a deep lather does me just fine. I wash up to 4 times just to make sure its all good. Afterwards I rinse for a minimum of 10 minutes with warm to hot water. Then and only then am I ready to get tightened up.


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18 years…


I asked her how long has she been growing her hair. She said 18 years. Kudos…though I have no desire to grow that long. For me about mid ways down my back is good or just pass my shoulders. Other than that I love that she has been in the game that long.


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