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Dreadlocks vs. Trains That Go In One Direction

Friendly Memento: Sean’s Dreadlocks Saga

Hair is important. Ask any woman on any given day and she we co-sign my declaration. So I ran across an article that wasn’t meant to attract much attention. It was written as an educational piece about artifacts and the value therein. So as I read it I became enthralled in the dynamics of it. Here’s a summary in case you don’t read the link:

  • An Irishman has dreadlock
  • The father makes an unfair deal that requires him to cut his dreads
  • The young lady wants a keepsake, a lock of hair.
  • She never sees him again

Now my take on this matter is that no one should impose their belief on anybody. Especially if it requires them to alter themselves to please someone. else The pressure the father put on his son (Sean) was short-sighted and selfish. In the text the young man had the dreadlocks for 3 additional years before the confrontation. This would suggest that he (the son) was emotionally attached to his hairstyle.No one should make you feel wrong for who you are or who you decide to be. Their opinions can be valuable, but equally their opinions have their places. The young lady appreciated the comfort her friend gave her and the intangibles that came along with it. She may not have felt any pain from Sean’s locks being cut but she definitely felt the energy that he had. She associated that energy with his dreadlocks and when he left she correlated the artifact with his spirit. I wonder how deep did the father go in determining the weight of his demands? I will never know.



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