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63 Years of Advice

So a 63 year old man who doesn’t know me goes in on me. He says, “You gave good service, everything about was good except for your dreads.” He continues,” Do you know you will cut them in the future if you want a job.” (He missed the fact that he was at my job, he was hell bent seemingly to make his point.) Then says,” Haven’t you noticed that the guys who are in jail all have dreads.” I was floored at his short mindedness and confused as to why he felt so compelled to voice his opinions to me. I responded with a controlled fire. I told him that there are more guys in jail who never had dreads than do. I knew I could not prove it but just on the process of what it takes to grow your hair said that everyone isn’t running to the loc gods for a new do.
Here’s the bottom line to this encounter. We all have prejudices. I will not be exempt from the prejudices of the world if I cut my hair. Nor will I have less of a chance if I do not cut my hair. Mr. 63 meant well, but his argument was flawed. If I project a professional/ clean and polished exterior then what is left is whether or not I am qualified to handle the demands of the job. If I am bagged before I am interviewed then it is a loss. The loss can even be solely on me. However in the same thread, if I am hired it will not be because of my hair but because I was qualified. Mr. 63 forgot to mention he had a gold grill, though he was an educated man from UCLA. So I take his criticism or critique with a grain of salt.



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