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giuliana rancic…lower cased intentially

Giuliana Rancic made a comment about dreadlocks smelling like oil and weed. For those of you who don’t know her she is a voice in the fashion world. That’s it. Because of that platform, they gave her a microphone at the Oscars. My problem is this,  just because you have your ear to the street of fashion on the national stage does not mean you are an expert on race and culture. What’s worse is that you have never spent a day in the shoes of the black woman that you offended, Zendaya. In short, if you are culturally insensitive you run the risk of looking shallow with nothing substantive to say. Let’s elevate our thinking by thinking before we speak!



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Some people chat. Some people read books, magazines. Some people hold business meetings and make deals while here. Admittedly I have done all of the above. However tonight, I blog while in Starbucks.

I feel great after a busy day of making two mom’s smile after seeing their baby’s portraits for the first time after the shoot we had a few days ago. It was so rewarding to see them appreciate my work. I also really liked building on long term relationships with these moms. In my view that’s what photography is about, it being relationships with the subjects. In this case, having a rapport with these mothers is key because the little ones don’t smile for me, they smile for her. I am there to capture it, with a few lights, some props, a great camera and a good eye. 😉 The mothers bring the magic and the joy that one loves to see in a baby. Today was a good day.



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