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giuliana rancic…lower cased intentially

Giuliana Rancic made a comment about dreadlocks smelling like oil and weed. For those of you who don’t know her she is a voice in the fashion world. That’s it. Because of that platform, they gave her a microphone at the Oscars. My problem is this,  just because you have your ear to the street of fashion on the national stage does not mean you are an expert on race and culture. What’s worse is that you have never spent a day in the shoes of the black woman that you offended, Zendaya. In short, if you are culturally insensitive you run the risk of looking shallow with nothing substantive to say. Let’s elevate our thinking by thinking before we speak!



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Wayans Brothers Episode…

After reading and hearing about Nivea’s miscalculated advertising campaign where they had an African American actor holding the head of an African American man with an afro …and a slogan that read ‘act like you give a damn’ I needed a break from reality. Coincidently the Wayans Brothers was on. They were doing an episode on hair. Sean wasn’t allowed to get in a club because of his hair (locs). This prompted Marlon to want to get on Public Access tv, an infomercial network station, to sell a product that makes their hair more appealing. It was called ‘Goop-Hair-It-Is’. They go through a lot to promote their product for untold riches. They even hire Gary Coleman to be their spokesperson, more like poster child! Long story short, the product failed. Their dreams for untold riches nixed. And sean had to accept his locs and not patronize that one club!

I needed a far fetched story to neutralize the reality of some corporations that are still out of touch with the African American community but want African American dollars. I needed someone to make fun of themselves and ultimately the obsurdity of those who continue to use stereotypes as their basis for who WE are. I got a chuckle or two from those whacky guys; hope you do too.



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Secretly I wish…

Secretly I wish there were more dreadlock brothers out there like me or what I aspire to be. I am not a thug.Though there are more thuggish men wearing locks in the circles that I travel. I am not hardcore in the sense that I came up hustling on the streets. I had a typical life by the standards of how children are raised today. I grew up in a single parented home by an educated mother. My father was in and out of my life for the majority of my youth; even so, I was able to piece together a decent lifestyle when I grew older. All that to say I would like to see more people like myself. I think I am a well to do middle classed guy who can hold a job. After all, I have done just that since I was 15 years old. I am open to more than just the stereotypical things that a black man is expected to like. For instance, I like all music (except country, bluegrass and the like),I enjoy kayaking and photography. It humors me that that makes me different. But I didn’t make the rules or write the book. I just want to see those guys walking around sporting their locks. It would do my internal eyes some good. If I don’t see those brothers I am still committed to my journey, I just would like to talk to and meet more dreadlocked or soon to be dreadlocked guys like me.


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