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Some people chat. Some people read books, magazines. Some people hold business meetings and make deals while here. Admittedly I have done all of the above. However tonight, I blog while in Starbucks.

I feel great after a busy day of making two mom’s smile after seeing their baby’s portraits for the first time after the shoot we had a few days ago. It was so rewarding to see them appreciate my work. I also really liked building on long term relationships with these moms. In my view that’s what photography is about, it being relationships with the subjects. In this case, having a rapport with these mothers is key because the little ones don’t smile for me, they smile for her. I am there to capture it, with a few lights, some props, a great camera and a good eye. 😉 The mothers bring the magic and the joy that one loves to see in a baby. Today was a good day.



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