The Killing of Michael Brown…

18 Dec

set the stage for American rigor mortis to set in its bones. By default I love America. To a fault I come humbly to the mother who smacks me with an unloving hand for my kind. I am her darkest child. I am like an infant who would be consoled by her while healing from her abusive impulses. America killed Michael Brown much like Eric Garner in broad daylight. The eyes of the world saw that. This time there is no gray in a Black and White issue. An imperfect teenager was killed by a professional peace officer. I have said it once and I will be more adamant and distinct in my position. Police brutality is a racist act. It damages the trust of the people they are delegated to serve. It reminds me of slave stories where the slave master would take the bigger slave before his kinsmen and onlookers then beat him with a whip or hang him with a rope. I struggle to see the difference between life for Blacks now or 50 years ago or 100 years ago. America has not healed from its short comings just because we have a black president. The way they treat him is set for another blog post at another time. It’s deplorable. But the way that they (the patrollers) are gutting the black community is why I cannot love the mother of my freedom with unconscious abandonment. I am afraid I will wake up as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner or James Byrd Jr.

But yet I love you for the glimmer of hope you project. You are diverse. There are those who see Darren Wilson’s actions, Michael Brown’s killer, as controversial, at best. Others see his actions as an abuse of power. Either way he has spark a nation to outrage because he was chosen as an officer through rigorous training to protect and serve, not to kill unarmed teenagers. One might say that he was tried by a jury and found not guilty so let it go. But how can you, if you’re black. How could you if he (Michael Brown) looked like you?

Killing Michael Brown is a metaphor. Honestly I see Blacks dying at the hands of police brutality as the bigger issue, BIGGER than the death of Michael Brown. He is a catalyst for an ongoing problem in his mother’s house. America kills her children at an alarming rate. If a my biological mother shot me repeatedly she would be sentenced to life in jail, if not the death sentence. So why does America get a pass? I thought she was diverse.

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