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Time For a Loc Run

Even though my appointment is scheduled on Thursday I am wishing my appointment was set for Monday.  My locs to be are beginning to become frizzy. Pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the twilight zone. For the most part the twist are holding their form so I am cool with that. I have one issue though … my scalp is itching! I want to scratch it so bad! But instead of scratching I find myself poking my head and patting my do rag! Crazy, ’cause the last person that I saw patting their head was a woman with weave in her hair. She was tagging her head! I laughed. But now that I am in a similar predicament and it ain’t funny!

I have made some progress on deciding on which way I am going to go with my truck. I am leaning towards repairing it. It seems like the logical choice. Now I am trying to decide who will fix my truck to include me as a possible solution. lol…me? We’ll see.



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