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giuliana rancic…lower cased intentially

Giuliana Rancic made a comment about dreadlocks smelling like oil and weed. For those of you who don’t know her she is a voice in the fashion world. That’s it. Because of that platform, they gave her a microphone at the Oscars. My problem is this,  just because you have your ear to the street of fashion on the national stage does not mean you are an expert on race and culture. What’s worse is that you have never spent a day in the shoes of the black woman that you offended, Zendaya. In short, if you are culturally insensitive you run the risk of looking shallow with nothing substantive to say. Let’s elevate our thinking by thinking before we speak!



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Can a Style Be Too Ethnic?

So I am thinking about a style for my dreadlocks and a question arose within me. Would one style be more ethnic than another? I really hate to ponder the question but let’s face it, it is the elephant in the room. I wear a shirt and tie everyday or at least I should. My bosses have a certain look and I guess I do too! Lol. I guess in the long run it boils down to what do I like, what can I live with, and ultimately who am I trying to please? I can’t change my ethnicity. I was born this way. I am a Black man. There is no shame in that. In saying that I am going to embrace a style that may be deemed specific to my culture real soon.



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What it means to be loc’d.

So I have been loc’d for about a year and a half. Over this journey I have had constant doubts about the ambiguous nature of pleasing myself or pleasing someone else. We always want to please those who play a part in our lives whether directly or indirectly. So when I think about who I affect with growing my hair so freely I become a little torn. I have a decent respectable job. They have accepted my locks and no one has ever questioned me, but me. I have created a dynamic that makes me feel paranoid at times that my locks are not ideal for ANOTHER job. I even know a person who changed their hairstyle to go to an interview. So that doesn’t help my paranoia. And then …

I listened to a youtuber who talked about his journey and his acceptance of who he is under the umbrella of locks and I found my footing again. It was like an award show. It was as if he was accepting an award for his perserverance and walk on his journey. He used words like ‘be encouraged’ and ‘friendships’ a lot. It felt like a brotherhood. It felt safe to be yourself.

Great Vid. Thanks Jirod.

To answer that statement: What it means to be loc’d. Answer: Paranoia at times.

This tells me that I have to be balanced in my actions in order to divert these feelings. I am usually balanced but as with any journey you get tired and a little confused along the way. This is that moment.



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