Origins of Natrodisiac

05 Sep

Natrodisiac came about because of a great idea of how to describe what I am trying to with my hair. Natro’ needed to be someone who was matched by my enthusiam, the Terrence factor. Terrence is something of a motivated junky. He is always looking for a reason to be inspired or to find a positive solution to problems. Natrodisiac needed to match that but have a deeper resolve. A reason to be that guy you know, You know that guy who is deep in thought but cool in his responses. That guy who is authentic by definition and yet informed because he reads. He reads more than what he likes but also what dislikes. When I think about the makings of Natrodisiac I want his first impressions to be lasting, real. So that when I meet you I will be wearing no mask or faked out attitudes. Our meeting will be honest, easy – comfortable…controlled.

The origins of Natrodisiac are comprised of his experiences, challenges and restlessness. My transformation into that locked one is a combination of my boldness of character, spirituality, and need for more. Life is a journey. Even if you stop taking steps you are still taking steps. I much rather take the ones I can I direct than to allow neutrality to be my false leader. I am Natrodisiac, that selfless guy and journeyman for life. May challenges and success be compliment of my efforts.


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