Transportation Security Administration and the BIG AFRO

22 Sep

This woman was checked by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for her hair! I am a realist so I have asked myself ,”Can explosives be in your hair and not be detected by the metal detectors in an airport.” The simple answer is yes. So when this woman was asked for her hair to be searched because it was too big and could be concealing something I have to shake my head but let this one pass. Maybe a powder or some type of chemical agent could be in her hair. She had a lot of it, however, I simple shake could have solved the problem minus the media attention.

As I write this blog I think more in favor of the TSA because our safety is more important than individuality. I think I get the point of the CNN headliner but this one falls short of racism, prejudices or ones rights being violated. The airport was doing their job in my opinion and she should just allow them to do so. [Just had a thought] It was reported that she did Erykah Badu’s hair. She did come off as a little eccentric so maybe she was trying to get a little free publicity for her salon on the grand stage. If I owned a business I would love for a major news company advertise my services for greater America to see. In her case I think it was a shameless plug.


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