You Make Me Gush!

19 Sep

Ok blush…well the truth is you push me over the edge by saying you like those dreads. Well as much as I want to take you compliments and fly to the moon with them, I can’t. Ground that flight, delays are all over the itinerary board! I have comb coils no dreads locked just yet.

—lets go intellectual for a sec—

What if you were speaking truths and speaking on a plain that even I can’t see yet. You saw my future life as a man with beautiful locks.

—lets go greek/ sci-fi—

What if you saw my coils as tentacles and I were a villain …say Medusa’s husband! That would be cool. I would be stone cold!

—how about animation—

What if I were a super hero? And when my dreads came out when I was fighting criminals and receded after each battle…even cooler!

Well those are cool alternatives and could very well be me in the future, right now I am just a journeyman looking for locked treasures! Oh, thanks for the compliment though I appreciate it.


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Posted by on September 19, 2011 in dreadlocks, Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair


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