TSA and the BIG AFRO Continued…

24 Sep

Headline News was on while I was in another room. I overheard the TSA and the big afro story follow up interview. The woman (Erykah Badu’s stylist) said that the airline company did not offer her the option to be searched privately. She gave some pretty incrimating testomy to the news organization. I was inclined to believe her.

So, did that change my views from my earlier blog where I felt that she should have allowed them to do the search.  Well as we know she did not. The media obliged her and told her story again for us. I don’t mind the shameless plug but I did take issue with not allowing them to just do their job. I know there are other celebs who may or may not be challenged by the officers. I know that she has a case teetering prejudices however I feel it falls short of any wrong doing.

We shouldn’t rush to call attention to ourselves or call the race card to attention. It desensitizes America’s perception of an old problem. When it is time to yell injustice you’ll know. It’ll be clear and no room for stretching the truth. We will just get it.


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