DMV picture day!

16 Sep

Well it is not how I would have planned it. You know my 1st professional picture with me and a locked style but as planning things go, nothing goes as planned.

So here I am in the longest waiting line in America. Walmart has nothing on Uncle Sam’s clubhouse. Six Flags lines can’t compare. Though I wish I could use their flash pass here. But here’s what I noticed. If you want to get out of here quick don’t be sensible about it and come as soon as you can. Procrastinate, run your errands (I did). I left for 45 minutes only to walk in to the counter to be seen. Why I am still here is another story. But yeah, take care of your business because there is one thing you can count on. Uncle Sam is not paying for any overtime to his employees! Not that his employees are dying to see you, so count on getting out of here quicker if you come close to closing but not after they stop letting people in.

Hey yo unc? Why do you abuse the do righters! The people who plan to get here early so that they may have a productive day? No one wants to waste a day at the DMV. After all, you don’t have funnel cakes, water rides or Mr. Freeze (the best ride at Six Flags) so do the early and late birds a favor. Speed up your lines, be efficient and lead by example. You are after all representing America and how the country is ran.

Whew! How did I get on that! Picture day (Stay focused)! I am ready! Now I am excited about a government picture, that’s when you know I am ready to go!


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Posted by on September 16, 2011 in Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair


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