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Locked by V!


It was good seeing my loc buddy today! He told me about Veronica before I even met her.  She was just a word in the wind. Now I am one of her customers. One thing he said about V that I haven’t seen yet was her wine and cheese Fridays! I need to move my appointments over a day so I can start reaping some the rewards for being locked by V! Lol!


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Freshness Date: 11/10/11

I’m so fresh I am so clean! Yeah! I saw Veronica on Thursday. She did the thang. We watched ‘Juice‘ and talked about the progress of my hair. All looks good from Dr. V’s perspective. She had a plan for those loc bandits on the backrow. They were running the block but got a curfew now! Something tells me their locked down.

Next visit she promises to have ‘Set It Off’ on the tube. Special request…from yours truly. Got to set it off for the holidays! Even though Queen Latifah was da man! lol…There were some good scenes that I liked in that movie. It’s going to be good. You have to love a loctician who has whatever movie you can think of ,but that the greatness of V.

Here’s the freshness sealed on 11/10/11. I likes!


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