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A year!

Talk about predictions! A brother in the dreadlock community who I was having a few laughs with decided to be Nostradamus and make a prediction about how long it would take for my hair to lock. He said it would take roughly a year before my hair would lock because I don’t have that kinky curly hair. My hair has a loose ‘s’ curl. So I see where he gets his opinion from and because I am currently not budding who am i to say he is wrong. However! My hair is holding the pattern that V put in my hair extremely well. I am also take decent care of my hair between appointments so I am of the mind to think I will be budding by and during the spring. So to my partner in this journey I can’t go with your prediction. To accept your idea would mean I would have to extend my patience by 6 months and that can’t happen because I just wanna scratch my head like normal people again! Lol…later.


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