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I Would Rather Have Insomnia

So my lock buddy calls me to make a confession about her journey. She has always been a little suspect to me about her commitment on this journey so I am pretty open about our conversations and I never take them to seriously until now (mood: comedic). I laugh at her fickleness. She dreamt that she washed her locks out! Now I know a lot can go wrong and I have had my challenges but to stop at this point on this journey would be like trying to stop a train! Impossible! So when my buddy finished her confession I laughed in her face and hung up! …not gone happen on my watch! We in this together. Lol….I would rather have insomnia!



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I had the strangest, funniest dream. First of all as dreams are or least for me usually crazy. They have no rhyme or reason and I usually don’t get a message from them that I can use. So when I saw me in the mirror pulling my hair out I had to laugh and take a step back. Then why was I just rubbing my head and hair was falling out. I am not overreacting to growing my hair. In fact, I have taken my foot of the gas and I am cruising to what ever date will work for me to lock mu hair. Seriously I am not stressing it. I am cool. I have a simple regimen. I am rolling with that. It works. So when I dreamed something as ridiculous as that all I could do was gasp at its absurdity. If you could have seen me in the mirror though you’d laugh too. I looked crazy rubbing my hair and scalp as it all fell harmlessly to the floor. My hands were blurred because they moved so fast at my discovery! Like I said, such a crazy, ridiculous dream.


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