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A Cotton Picking Wife

Where did this lint come from! Yesterday I was walking around feeling all proud and great about my freshness date: 03/01/12 only for my friend to look at my hair with the eyes of a microscope and say, “…you got some lint in your dreads.” I was ready to go code red and blow up the lint monster who attacked me!” When I back tracked in my thoughts I found a do rag and pillow as evidence of foul play. But how? I have used the same methods since Loc Date: 10/12/11. When I inspected my ‘do’ rag I found that it was worn with some lint buds inside of it. The pillow was found guilty because it wasn’t a silk pillowcase. The sad part about that is that I have one and I am not using it! So that’s when having a cotton picking wife comes in handy and oh! some tweezers! Thanks babe you were probably a great cotton picker in your former life! Lol!


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Posted by on March 5, 2012 in dreadlocks


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