Unnaturally Beyonce

06 Nov

Beyoncé is hurting the natural hair movement. Now when I say Beyoncé I am not referring to her solely but because she is the superstar of our time she is the basis of my talk today. Like any brother I think she is beautiful, talented and worthy of her title of ‘Superstar’. However I believe because she is in the public eye I think she is damaging what a young black girl’s perception of what true beauty is. My definition of beauty is what is innately in us all. When a little girl  looks at this superstar she doesn’t see her natural self. She sees what she would aspire to look like. This mentality dumps her natural beauty and supplements it for weave, wigs and straight hair. All of these looks are fine. I have seen some stunningly beautiful women under all pretenses but that still doesn’t do anything for the young woman who is in search of her identity. By Beyoncé’s hair as a standard she is telling little girls to look like this and the world will love you.

I hear women ridicule their natural kinks as nappy hair, derogatorily speaking. I smile inwardly but what a torturous life she must live. Of course, I am speaking of natural hair over other popular aesthetics. It seems to me that everyday she wakes up and rejects herself in some way. Why is it so difficult to accept what is a beautiful extension of yourself? India Arie says, ” I am not my hair?” I say,” How are you not?” When you focus so much attention on making sure every part of your hair is properly placed. Your hair is like your skin it is inescapable. It is therefore who you are. Beyoncé types are not real people in the sense that they don’t let their true selves be on display for the world to see. They much rather suppress it, daily. In doing so, they become unnaturally Beyoncé.

The elephant in the room is that I am speaking to and about Black women who suppress their natural hair for other unrealistic styles they could never grow naturally.


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5 responses to “Unnaturally Beyonce

  1. mika725

    December 16, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    I’m pretty indifferent when it goes to this whole natural hair & self acceptance subject for black women, for the most part. I personally feel like ones upbringing (along side the Beyoncé’s) has a lot to do with our self perceptions. I personally never felt like I NEEDED a relaxer or weave to look like the superstars that I adore such as Beyoncé. I just wanted to do it for the heck of it. I’d be beautiful even if I was bald, lol. I do have natural hair but there are times when I feel like I want to have a weave, then I’ll want braids, a bun or wear my hair out curly. To me, hair (especially for a black woman) is an accessory. One of the many wonder things that I love about our culture.

    • Natrodisiac

      December 16, 2014 at 8:48 pm

      When it comes to women and their hair I understand that that is over my head. But when I comes to being natural and shying away from who you are naturally I take issue with that. You aren’t afraid to be YOU so my post does not apply to you. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

      • mika725

        December 16, 2014 at 8:52 pm

        True I wish more people would be more accepting of themselves. Trying to be someone else doesn’t make sense because you were intended to be you. It was my pleasure reading!

  2. ghrelin gremlin

    March 17, 2015 at 1:14 am

    If I have a daughter, she will be dealing with this, unless things change drastically. I plan to do everything I can to make sure she knows she is beautiful without going to such sad lengths to change herself.

    • Natrodisiac

      April 12, 2015 at 11:25 am

      You’re the best influence she has! I am sure you’ll be successful!


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