Behavioral Interview: A Corporate Decision

02 Jun

This makes me think back to when I wrote my initial post in the ‘What About Those Dreads‘ page of this blog. I made the comment that so much of my decision to loc my hair was based on whether or not I was in a corporate environment. For the most part I am NOT in a corporate environment, I’m what you would call a foot soldier, a worker bee within this corporate company. I rarely see a luetinent or anyone with any brass in my store. So I say that because my behavioral interview success or failure, rise or fall, is based on a corporate entity that I cannot see, that I have not seen. So whether or not I am selected for a lateral promotion that decision is based on someone who I have never seen before. Where is the justice in that? How can they make a fair assessment of who gets a nod or not when you have not seen me in action. Even worse the Decision Maker did not interview me, a different panel of managers did. Why can’t they make the call? I’m frustrated,  deflated and lacking the confidence that a good team will be selected. Note: If I am not on the team (a capable, talented and proven manager) how can they win? And if I am selected how can I be confident that you picked me because I was the best choice?


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Posted by on June 2, 2014 in dreadlocks, locs, natural hair



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