A Behavioral Issue

26 May

There is something wrong with the leadership in your company when they leave you waiting for two months after the interview on their decision. In case, you’re a new reader the decision was premised on an interview I had on April 3. What was unique about the interview was that it was a behavioral based interview. In these type of interview my job was to tell them the panel of a time when I did [insert their question] and what was my outcome. It lasted about an hour. The stress of the magnitude of the interview was tremendous. Everyone was talking about it (upper management, store managers and assistants to include shift leads). I am an assistant who has a position to lose. Whereas a shift lead as I was told by one shift lead has nothing to lose. She was right. So hear lies my issue. I am a puppet on a string and I don’t like it. I am a company-made drifter because my job title is being eliminated and I ,potentially, have no where to go. I am waiting on a word and if they won’t speak to me give me a nod signifying that I am one of their choices. I am one of many managers waiting to hear something. As it stands right now in its raw form the silence is deafening. It’s discouraging and it is wrong to be left at sea with no paddle. It really feels like they don’t care.


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