Can a Style Be Too Ethnic?

16 May

So I am thinking about a style for my dreadlocks and a question arose within me. Would one style be more ethnic than another? I really hate to ponder the question but let’s face it, it is the elephant in the room. I wear a shirt and tie everyday or at least I should. My bosses have a certain look and I guess I do too! Lol. I guess in the long run it boils down to what do I like, what can I live with, and ultimately who am I trying to please? I can’t change my ethnicity. I was born this way. I am a Black man. There is no shame in that. In saying that I am going to embrace a style that may be deemed specific to my culture real soon.



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One response to “Can a Style Be Too Ethnic?

  1. aleciavanee

    May 17, 2014 at 2:13 am

    I hate that we have to think about if our hair is too “ethnic”. I think as long as the style is well groomed and put together it should not matter. Also, your hair expresses your uniqueness and I think more and more people are getting use to the natural hair in the professional setting.


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