Exchanges and such…

08 Apr

     I stood in front of my bed taking my tie off and getting into an ‘at home state of mind’ when I realized that I needed to make an exchange at Target.  I was about to find some sweats and a loose fitting shirt to wear up there when I paused. I paused because I knew that the odds of someone working with me is more likely when you look like your going somewhere. So I quickly put my tie back on and made sure I was neat. I made sure my locks were in some order and headed to the store.
      My exchange was unique only in that I didn’t have a receipt nor did the store still have the product anymore. So my decision to look busy paid off because I didn’t seem like I needed to give anyone any reason to be concerned. Had i gone to the store looking like I felt, which was comfortable and ‘I need to get this done so I threw something on frame of mind’ (lol) I believe they would’ve taken a stand against me. But when you look the part no one notices. It also helped that I was as neat as the people helping me. The moral of the story here is look busy (like you’re going somewhere), business casual in my case, and erase an opinions that may arise by your own doing.



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