The 2:00 Behavioral Interview

03 Apr

     Today I had an interview, a behavioral interview. Behavioral interviews are a challenge because you have remember a time when you did a particular thing. It has no concept of what your superficial intent is. They (the interviewers) did not ask me where do I see myself with the company in 5 years. It is said that you cannot predict a person’s true intent, future behaviors, with the old format.  It’s all about what your accomplishments are. It has nothing to do with my hair (dreads) or anything of the sort. It is all about your core. In modern terms, the interviewer wants to know what have you done for the company or a company lately! Who have you trained? What team have you led? What hurdles have you jumped over to complete a task on time? What initiatives have you driven? And so on…
     I answered the 10 questions as fully as I knew how.  My energy was high. My eye contact was strong. My word usage was vast. My head transitioned between the two interviewers equally. I gave 10 examples that were all geniune. I studied/ prepped for the interview. I was confident.[I am confident.] And most importantly, I have no regrets about anything I said. I really felt good the whole way through.
    A little about my prep… I left my home store to go to the district office 2 hours in advance. I didn’t want to be rushing and attacking commuters who drove slower than me. [It’s called being proactive, I know how I get when I am crunched for time.] In that span of time I went home. When I got home I ate a good lunch. I meditated for 8  minutes over a track that I bought. I looked over my notes on my Note 3 then i showered. [It was important to have my notes in one localized location.] I ironed a fresh set of clothes to perfection. I drunk a 5 Hour Energy drink. [I closed the store last night, then opened this morning. I didn’t want to risk being sluggish.] I listened to my meditation track in my car as i drove to the district office to keep my mind free and relaxed. I arrived 8 minutes early. It was coincidental that I meditated that same length of time.
     Whether I am selected for the position or not I felt my effort was positive and worthy of one of the slots that will be awarded. I felt like a winner throughout the interview. I feel as though I am a good choice for the company. Now we wait and see if they feel the same way as I do. I will keep you posted.



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