She Left Me…Again!

19 Feb

I was skeptical about the whole idea of her and I pairing up as a dreadlock ensemble. I had seen this movie before. It starts off good, high energy and a lot of storyline confessions about how she is sold, hooked and committed to the journey. She is a wonderful actress. She joined forums and posted comments for people to respond to. They did. I was not surprised because she has charisma. She made and kept 2 appointments with a loctician and even did her own hair when her loctician had to reschedule her. But like I stated earlier, “I have seen this movie before.” She started finding fault in the smallest of hair issues, like the lack of freshness of her locks, while saying out of the other side of her mouth that she liked the not-so-fresh look. I entertained her ambiguous nature. Only for her to find an issue with the length of them. What! Lol, you just started growing them and then she said something that shined a whole new light on the issue. She said,” If I am not locked in 3 months then I am washing these twist out!” I was thinking this was the average time for most people to start seeing buds in their hair ( a sure signed that your hair is locking up).

Here’s my issue with her leaving me on this journey. I secretly wanted her to be my lock buddy. You know someone to share your experiences with. Not to mention, it was her idea about 2 1/2 years ago to lock our hair together. So when she left me the first time I was shocked but found solace in the fact that I wanted this with or without her but then she came back stronger than ever! I accepted her with open arms, eventually. Then she left me again! And the Oscar goes to…


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