Opinions Are Like A-Holes

01 Feb

So I asked for his license after I saw he purchased a 24 pack of Bud Light. I found myself staring at the license longer than normal. It was because his picture was of him but with flowing locs. I immediately felt connected to him (the man in the picture) until I looked away and at the man at the counter. The man at the counter had a low haircut and glasses. If I put the man in the picture with dreads next to him, I would have had the exact same person. So I asked, “Why did you cut you locks off.” He said it was because he had them for 18 years and it was time.” Then he elaborated on why it was time. Keep in mind, I am locked and I look more like the man in the picture than the man at the counter. He said,”It was time to let them go and grow up.” Now I am having an issue, with that last statement. Internally I am boiling with anger. Then he said,” People gave him a hard time and looked down on him.” I exploded,” But, you’re still Black!” The message I was sending with my tone was People are not going to look at you any different because you do or don’t have dreads. They will use your dreads as an excuse to take issue with you, when in reality your hairstyle and its purpose has done nothing to offend them. I said that in my tone but not verbally. He walked away and I felt sad that he had allowed an opinion or two to control his outcome. We should be judged on the content of our character and NOT by the color of our skin or what we look like on the outside.


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