Anticipating ‘The Dreadsock’

06 Jul
  • When times are hard I have worn a bonnet.
  • When I did not care I slept on a silk pillow case.
  • When I was feeling hard (emotionally) I wore a wave cap with a tail.
  • When I was feeling stylish I wore a snug wave cap (no tail)

But NOW that I have a dread sock on the way I feel like:

  • a true member of the loc’d community
  • I have arrived
  • I should have been wearing a sock long time ago
  • I can wear it to the grocery store (maybe not)
  • I can cut the yard in it??? nahh
  • I can be an inspiration for all the loc’d men and women with my sock! umm No.

I can just be proud that I finally got my sock…YES!





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