When Does My Spirit Matter?

24 Jan

Well lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about my journey and what it means to my career and/or future in the workforce. I am unique in the sense that there aren’t many people in my profession who has dreadlocks. Currently I am a manager for a retailer and there is only one other person who I can think of who has dreadlocks. Coincidentally he is not a manager. Now under most circumstances this could be an alarm, maybe even a red flag for some but because my ideas are progressive I tend to think this is a good thing. You see spiritually I am awakening. Something about my hair (I wish it were just hair) is allowing me to evolve and my mind space to expand. I appreciate that. Even still, I have to hold a job. I would seek employment if I were unemployed so that leads me to the point of this blog: Professionalism as it relates to my hair.

If I were on an interview today an employer would assess the wholeness of me, from my resume to my appearance. He or she, for that matter, could care less about my spirituality in a sense. They want to assess the product, the applicant. They want the best possible candidate so to further the company’s agenda. So what about those dreads? If they are well-kept and in good order they should speak to the aspirations of the company. Respectively my resume should do the same.

On this journey I will have many challenges and I suspect one day I will change employers so to better myself. If I remain with the same employer I will move up the chain. The one constant in both admissions is that I will not be complacent. My spirit won’t allow it. Ironically a person’s inner soundness is the not apart of the interviewing process. Maybe it should be.


So as my hair grows longer the voice in me grows stronger.

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One response to “When Does My Spirit Matter?

  1. mzondago247

    January 25, 2013 at 6:17 am

    Love this blog post. I honestly have been having the same thoughts as I transition back to natural. Thanks for sharing….


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