2012’s 10 Things I Noticed

04 Jan

,,,about the growth of my hair.

#10 I no longer feel a need to bond with others just because they’re dreaded.

#9 I stopped going to V. 😦 V is my loctician. I am going back occassional this year. 

#8 I don’t believe in all the hype about what it takes to grow healthy dreads.

#7 I can do braided styles and pulled back styles better. Once upon a time my hair wasn’t long enough!

#6 Hair in my face irritates me.

#5 I once thought someone was creeping up on me, only for it to be my hair in my peripherals! (crazy)

#4 I lay on my hair when I sleep. That feels weird.

#3 I had the thought while weighing myself that my hair would add weight to the scale. (lol, but true)

#2 I always worry that my wife will not tell me if dread falls out from retightening.

#1 I am one good looking brother with dreads!


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