It’s All About Organic Everything Until …

28 Nov

…you put hair at the helm. Then it is all about what’s deemed normal. So many black women are conflicted in what to think of their natural hair. Admittedly I have never had to deal with the complexities of being a woman no more than being married to one. What I have found is that being natural is not a big deal in the workplace. It really seems non existent. Where the trouble comes is mainly from their peers. The older women overwhelmingly oppose being natural. They prefer permed or weaved styles mostly. So when a women (young or old) goes natural I have seen them shun the brave ones, citing them as being flawed or misguided in some way. This is a horrible way to treat your kind. Only to congratulate a women with permed hair fondly and speak outwardly about their approval. They pat them on the back figuratively, as if to say welcome to the club and nice do. All the while suppressing the other woman’s desire to be her natural, unpermed God-given self. That seems unfair and short sighted from my view.


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Posted by on November 28, 2012 in dreadlocks, Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair


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