A Healthy Scalp is a Happy Scalp

07 Jul

Since I have been locked I have been doing well with my old spray, go and shake ’em system. In fact, that has been wonderful for me. It is very convenient. However that can be a mis-leader in this sense. The temps outside are hotter so I sweat more, I have been rinsing my dreads so my scalp dries more and the spray & go method nurtures the dreads but not my scalp. I notice this deficiency when I started to itch in one or two spots all the time. So much so that I broke the skin! Then all the red flags started blaring and sending me messages that I was missing a vital part of having healthy locks and that was to take care of the scalp that they sprout from.

Now I am using Sulfur 8 conditioner periodically twice a week. The treatment has done wonders for my scalp. It tingles. That makes me feel that something is there working on my head while I take on these brutal summer months. But more importantly it is adding the protection I need to prevent the itching. Now I am more proactive to the sweating and drying cycles now which means my scalp is healing because I am listening to my body. All is well again on this journey.


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