Magic Springs!!!

21 Jun

I can dig it! So as amusement parks go there are wet rides and dry rides. I anticipated the wet rides creating some havoc for my dreads because they would make my new growth puff out and test the strength of each locked dread. I was weary so I took a swimming cap, for precaustionary measures! Well that plan failed when I went down the first slide. It came off and the cap split when I tried to put it back on. So fast forwarding about 6 hours I was at the big pool! I said I wasn’t going in. I was tired and didn’t want to truly test my locs out! Being that it was hot and the fam was having a great time I said what the heck! I got in the pool and started playing around. As it would go, I fell out of a doughnut tube and into the pool head first! That little fear or concern about my hair was gone. (thank goodness). I had a good time at Magic Springs. Oh and my hair was not puffy like I thought! I sold myself on the myth.


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Posted by on June 21, 2012 in dreadlocks


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