Ron ‘The Barber’

08 Jan

So I saw Ron ‘ The Barber’ again and like the first time a few days prior I had a lot of thoughts about running into him and what it meant during this journey. He was friendly and probably something of a local celeb because of his tenure in the hair cutting business. So smiling at me was no big deal for Ron.I am sure he vaguely remember me, if at all. However for me I saw so much more. He was iconic, at least back in 1985 when I used to sit in his chair every other week. I would walk to the barber shop about a mile or so away. When I got there those guy those guys were in a culture all their own. Before the movie, Barber Shop’ those guys were writing the script for directors who admired their self-made culture. I  enjoyed getting my hair cut because he was the coolest barber there. I thought I was cool, though I was more cocky and bull-headed than cool because of my position or job, I was 13 so you’d expect that I guess. Ron had the job, I did not. He could afford to be cool! lol.

These days Ron has lost the customer loyalty in me. I can’t help but think how much I have transitioned over the 25 years since I was a bi- weekly customer at his salon. I was a bald faded low-cut kind of guy. Then I went bald for over 20 years up until now.  Now I am on a journey. I am sure Ron would laugh because in our time during our client/customer relationship hair styles were a choice. We use tags now so I am on a journey. Seeing him reminds me of that somehow.

I enjoyed seeing my old barber. I asked him if he still listened to Frankie Beverly and Mase. He assured me he did! Though I have transitioned several times over in 25 years it felt good that Ron was still familiar. His confidence and complacency reminded me of the importance of change. It also let me know that my fickleness back then was actually a good thing. I wasn’t afraid to try something new. So my hair styles evolved until I found the bald look. But then like Ron I became complacent. It did not feel good, when I look at the sum of things now. But I did it. So in a sense locking my hair breaks that mold, There is a different look I can expect every day when I look at my hair. Internally there is a spiritual side that I link to. And most importantly I look better with dreadlocks than with any other style.

Ron added thought to my journey. I appreciate that.


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Posted by on January 8, 2012 in dreadlocks, Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair


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One response to “Ron ‘The Barber’

  1. Jamaal

    January 8, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Old boy definitely was smooth.


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