Freshness Date: 1/5/12 (Reposted)

06 Jan

I was have major technical difficulties posting my latest post. So I will repost my thoughts about this dreadlock cycle.

Lets start with words that rhyme with itch: stitch, bitch, glitch, pitch, rich

I believe I need a stitch sewn in my head because I scratched it so. It was a bitch waiting for my next appointment. I wonder if V will take emergency calls at 2 am? I will check. lol…(my head itches more with my do rag on which is usually at night). Every morning that I take my do rag off my dreads get more wiry looking. I was starting to look crazy, (I have to post some mug shots when that happens again) I look like R2-D2 when his system has a glitch in it as he begins to run in circles.Simply put, I looked ridiculous! So just pitch me in a fire pit the next time my scalp yells for water. I would much rather burn. It’s that bad when you can’t scratch like you want to. If I had a choice between being rich or to scratch my head I would opt for poverty because life sucks when your hands are tied in cuff-less knots as relief is only an arm length away and you don’t scratch it like you want too!


Thanks V for the extra long rinse! You put the fire out!

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