Halloween Edition: Demonic Spirits

31 Oct

I was told to make sure that I am not picking up a demonic spirit by getting dreadlocks and to prayerfully ask God. So when I heard this I initially felt spooked. The weight of certain words used were really heavy and grab all of my attention for a time.

Obviously dreadlocks are more than just hair. If it were not then a reaction to my journey would not have called for the Calvary to protect me and my decision. I felt like a cliff was ahead of me and I had missed all the highway signs as I sped aggressively to an uncertain future. But more importantly I think such a request was rooted in fear of the unknown. I was embarking on a journey that was out of her grasp. Even so, that did not mean I should block her concerns out or simply not listen.

I said,” I would pray.” I understood that we should pray in all things we do. I learned that as a child. I also added,”As a black man I am looked and treated the same way, whether I am locked or not. We all are.” (I was sensing she was saying no one will hire you with hair that way.) So I had to say a factually true statement to relieve myself of any potential buy in to her argument. Besides I have a Job and not a word has been said.

On its merits her perspective was offered out of love mixed with fear and an old fashioned (obsolete) operating system. Times are different generationally from one to the next, so I understand the disparity she was having. That’s why I offered more of a guarantee on how I will handle myself during this journey. I said,”I will study, pray and seek a deeper meaning while I grow my locs.” That’s a fair trade in these circumstances. I bartered comforting her for learning all the social, historical and religious implications of my actions. I think it was a fair deal.


I decided not to work piece by piece on my truck. Time was an issue and the need for wanting it done right was another. So today I am driving a new-to-me used car. I love it. I have a slice of luxury to look at everyday now. Oh and yes I have the right kind of insurance this time. I can’t live that nightmare over again.

Special thanks to the Wifey for sticking with me through these challenging last two weeks. You are truly my ride-or-die chick.

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Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair



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