Less than 3 Hours…

12 Oct

So today woke up with no time to spare. I overslept! All I could do was funnel the kids out the house and strategically plan their day so they would not be calling me from school because something significant was forgetten in our haste. In all of my strategy and planning I forgot to pick my hair! By now I am in the truck rolling down I-385 (A Memphis Interstate) and realized I needed (A) a pick or (B) a ball cap or else I am going to be looking like Wiz Khalifa or Lenny Kravitz though if I had to choose one over the other I would be Lenny! He’s a cool brotha on his worst day! I digress, So I don’t have a pick but luckily after some skillful one-handed 80 mph driving through morning traffic I found a cap under my seat! Now I can hide this wiry fray on my head. The texture in my hair is really straight, like a wire fence. I never knew that about this 38-year-old body I have been walking around in. Like I said before I have never let my hair get this long, so that’s interesting to see to say the least.

So when I see Veronica in a few hours she will notice first off that locking my hair is going to take time! I will have picked my hair out so she won’t see Wiz or Lenny! And that I am ready for the to start my journey. It going to be great!



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2 responses to “Less than 3 Hours…

  1. Stephanie Stevenson

    October 13, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Well, I must say congratulations on your new journey. I’ve had my hair natural for many years and can’t see myself ever changing it. Tell your wife “congrats” as well. It’s kind of funny. I worked with your wife some years ago and you worked with my best friend, Teresa, in Oakland. And to top it off, Veronica is my stylist also. Take care while on your journey.

  2. Natrodisiac

    October 14, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Right new journey new challenges! So you know my wife and Teresa and Veronica! If I said it was a small world that would be an understatement! That’s crazy. Thanks for the journey well wishes and thanks for coming through.


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