Wednesday then Tuesday For Once!

11 Oct

Why do Tuesdays come before Wednesdays! The excitement of getting my hair prepped for locs has me wanting to switch the order of our days. Do you mind! I am bubbling and with anticipation. What is the moment going to be like? Will it be memorable and etched into my psyche as a pivotal moment of growth and empowerment? Or will it be cold and sterile and overwhelming? I guess what I am getting at is I hope our rapport (Veronica and I’s) is really great. A great rapport will amplify the whole process. My hopes are it will memorable and not just another head to do. I am excited to be at this point, a point of contrast from how my hair (or lack thereof) was up to having considerable length. I have more hair than I have ever had. When I was bald it was what it was. I could achieve that look at the flick of a razor. That became redundant, practical, boring even. I had perfected being bald. So moving forward on the other end of the scale having hair will bring new challenges, a revolving look, and a coolness that is ultimately expressed in my personality daily.

So if the order of the weeks switched for one day it would be fine with me! Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday!

Just run your errands in reverse for a day and you’ll be fine. You may even like it that way!


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Posted by on October 11, 2011 in dreadlocks, Dreads, Locks, locs, natural hair


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