The Social Studies of Where I Am From

28 Aug

Where I am from men wear dreadlocks. I would not be the only one sporting the look. I wouldn’t even be close. The identity of dreads could be lost here because the vast majority of men seem to wear the swag of the streets with them while their dreads flow in admirable glory behind them. Why behind them? In the sense of beauty I dig it. They are beautiful. But locks can be left empty if they aren’t defined with more substance. For me, it is like a beautiful woman who isn’t smart. I want my locks to be smart. I want my locks to represent intelligence and a degree of awareness. I want to meet those who harbor that likeness.

Lets clear some things, I am not a rebel. I am not radical. I am not contrary. I am not interested in meeting those who are ill towards humanity or the likeness of the natural earth. I am not looking for someone to yell Black power with. (I am interested in Black pride, though, that’s cool.) I want to talk about more than the locking process and how long my hair is. Though for a season that will be me, I am sure. Ultimately, I want to have that depth that is so attractive when I look behind my eyes in the mirror. I want to be transposed through my locks and be an indicator (a beacon) over the water crossing when travelers come by. I want my journey to have purpose.

That leads into my realization that there are those mature lockmen and women out there who are led by a spititual awareness that is certified through their journey. Even then I am not looking for a Rasta or and evangelist, there has to be some intellectually dependable men or women at the horizon. I want to meet them. I want to meet you.

It worries me that there is not much spirituality connected to locked styles where I am from. It’s almost just a hairdo.I say this because I approach guys with locked hair regularly and engage in a momentary conversation often. Our conversations are usually constructive but always shy of the spiritual connection between their locks and their philosophy and our conversation and their definiton of why they started the journey in the first place.A moments conversation doesn’t have to produce a spiritual conversation but an occassional hint of its presence is not too much to ask. Is it?. I am interested in the diversity and a driven decision more than a fad/ trend or movement without a cause. I am interested in you.


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